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Research is superior to your success in getting your online business started it is the first step in getting to know what your audience is looking for as well as you get to know your audience.  The research will help you be comfortable and confident in building your dream with the knowledge you need to build a solid foundation, a solid foundation stands and does not crack under pressure. 

How Much Competition Comes With a Particular Key Word 

 The answer to the question is a number of words can vary and what you want to look for is low hanging fruit. What is low hanging fruit word? Low hanging fruit word is less competitive keyword and is easier to rank.

Jaxxy Will Tell You.

The average number of searches that word or phrase receives in a month.

Visits to your website if you achieve the first page rankings in the Search Engines

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Quoted search results for the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword 


Keyword quality indicator where you will be told if the word is great, Ok or POor 

  1. You are just starting and you want to get ranked as soon as you can with less competition.  When you sign up for jaxxy you will receive in-depth training videos explaining what to look for and how to make everything come together and work. This is a wonderful tool that I have enjoyed very much and it is well worth the accurate results you receive. 

 Jaxxy Keyword Tool

You need to choose keywords that are related to your niche and write content to get your audience involved in your niche. To do that you need jaxxy keyword tool and the sophisticated training that you get when you sign up for jazzy.   

Target Audience 

Many an individual is nervous  about the word niche” but with the training, you will be getting there is not a reason to be nervous as you have wonderful support from the members at Wealthy Affiliate that have taken the training as well as those who have completed the training and that is a nice feeling to be getting help from those that have been there and succeeded. You are more than welcomed to share with others as we are all in this together. 

You need to know how to build a relationship with your audience targeted to what your niche is about. We all know how words are important in building a relationship and  Niche training is covered for you with jaxxy. It is excellent training and explains how to discover and pick a niche 

Your audience will be observing and reading what you write and will be getting to know through your writing.  You do not want to be with our jaxxy in building a  relationship with your targeted audience. Words are important and jaxxy is the only keyword tool that I would ever want for research. You will be seeing 100’s and 1000’s of words from the lowest to the highest competition.

Jaxxy is well maintained and updated 

Jaaxy is an extraordinary Keyword Tool that is very well maintained. I know from other products I have bought that the keyword tool was slow and not always working very well. With Jazzy that problem does not come up because the developers do an excellent job of maintaining this keyword tool. 

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You want to know how popular your interest or product is going to be as there is no point starting anything before you have gathered the information needed to make a wise decision. Have a question, you can email me at