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Workplace Technologie Replaces White Collar With Computers and Blue Collar With Robots

Blue Collar is replaced with robots
Blue Collar worker is being replaced with Robots
White Collar Work is disappearing to technology
White Collar Worker is being replaced by Computers

The workplace has gone through dramatic change in the past ten years and will keep on changing with technology. Robots and computers are replacing humans in both the white and blue-collar industries. The big guns like General Motors and Chrysler have left us in Canada as well as Retail Stores such as Eatons, Sears, and Zellers shutting down as more people are shopping online.

Technologie has changed the workplace in every industry from white collar to blue collar. Amazon has replaced workers in the warehouse with a digital grid that moves the large shelves with stock on them to a different part of the warehouse, this action was once done by a human, but humans are being replaced by robots. people are shopping online and not bothering to line up, look for a parking space, and just staying home to get other things in their personal life done

Unstable Economy

Since 2008 jobs have increased but the jobs that increased are temporary and contract work. The contract and temporary work have increased six times faster than overall employment. The contract and temporary workers are at risk of being out of work as temporary and contract work is short lived.

The workplace does not give us the stable life that I can remember growing up with, it was very common for a person to stay with the same company for decades, that is not so anymore. The Labour Statistics show that the average stay time in a company is 4.6years and then you will be going someplace else or the job you were doing does not exist or the position is no longer needed. The word “stability” has been replaced with downsizing and layoffs and restructuring. 

Time For Change To Happen

Internet Entrepreneur

Becoming self-employed has become easier with technology as you can learn at home and while you are learning HOW TO GET STARTED you can start earning.  It has come to a point where the employer is no longer our security blanket.  With all of the changes that have gone on in the workplace, there has never been a better time to take action on the opportunity to take action and start training to be an online entrepreneur.  Companies like General Electric closed in Peterborough Ont.  General Motors closed in Oshawa Ont. Chrysler closed in Ajax Ont. and Sears shut down right across Canada.  You might have had friends and relatives that worked for these Giants and were downsized, laid-off or had a company claim bankruptcy.  Whoever thought that these giants that provided so many families with a healthy feeling of security would not be with us any longer.

If you would like to make serious changes in your work life and train to work from home to become Successful Online  Entrepreneur you have come to the right place.

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Learn At Home To Earn At Home

Thing like an entrepreneur

If you have ever got  sucked into  attending  Private Computer College that sold you on thinking that you are getting the best education you can get for computer programs and for computer business only to come out my confused and frustrated from when you went in,  I know how you must be feeling as I had this  same experience as well.  I know that myself and from other students that nobody seems to be getting anything that was promised. After myself and others signed up and handed over our money, we were soon forgotten. It was hard to get your questions answered and you were treated like you were putting the instructors out by asking questions and for showing up.


Barriers To Learn Are Removed With Technology

Technology has removed the barriers to training people in the workplace as well and more importantly put training at your doorstep where you do not have to be in the classroom as the classroom is you sitting in your favorite chair at home learning. It is much easier to move forward for you the person who would like to get out of the workplace and work from home. Training has become much more sophisticated and right at our fingertips with computers. If you have ever considered working for yourself and become an Online Entrepreneur you are invited to come and join us in taking steps to start your online business and to be part of a wonderfully helpful community that I have not experienced before. 

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Helpful Community


 The members and founders are the  most supportive of helping me through the struggles of getting my online business up and running, I have never experienced this kind of support every in any workplace and I want you to experience this same support and consider  coming onboard as a member of my team in getting your  online business started with training, webinars, and coaching from people of all walks of life who are pros at what they do. I have searched and tried many different courses and I did not find anything as in-depth and rich in learning as I have found at Wealthy Affiliate. Great people are hard to come by and the help that you can receive and the sharing you can contribute to helping others is so much appreciated. This is  education that no school out there can give you  in it is all done from home 


Small Business Rocks

Some things never change and that is to this day small business rocks the economy, and still does rock but not without training to be self-employed.  The workplace has changed and so has shopping as we shop on the internet to avoid lineups. What has also changed is training to keep on top of the changes and to qualify for the new work that is here right now so we are not be left behind. Not training and ignoring change you will be left behind.  because of the industrial change, we are living in. Employers offer less work for humans as the computer is replacing an employee.  It is up to you as an individual to find ways to make your income consistent, but first, you need the training in order to make your dream job come true. Change can and is a good thing I believe that it all comes down to accepting the changes society is going through and to accept that the changes we are going through can and will affect you. Self-employment is the way to go as this is 

You need three things to start your online business 

    1. Access to a computer 
    2. Basic computer skills know how to send an email and post to social media  
    3. An open mind to learn 

Helpful Community

While you are working part-time, temporary or on contract work start training to become self-employed, I want to introduce you to a group that I have found to be extremely helpful during my training at Wealthy Affiliate.At Wealthy Affiliate, you are part of a group that answers questions, gives feedback on your website, supports you during your start-up time and continues to give support when you most need it. Everybody helps each other as we all help each other to accomplish starting our online business. You receive in-depth training like you have never seen before.




Invest In Yourself 

 Why not make a new start with investing in learning new skills that can take you to a different level.  Technology has made upgrading our skills very easy as we do not have to leave home to upgrade, sitting at home in your comfortable clothing in front of your computer can be a whole new beginning for you moving forward.  What you need to do is take action to make these changes as thinking about it does not get things started. 

Time Management

Start with creating a schedule convenient for you to build your skills is a big plus. Learning to start your online business to work from home without having to rush out the door, rush through dinner and fight traffic is peace in itself, as it is your schedule, not the schools. If the classroom was a bad experience for you put that negative thought behind you as you are not in the classroom you are home learning skills that you do not have and very much want to assist you in replacing your day job to a stay at home job.  Don’t let the bad experience from the past keep you from moving forward. 

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  1. Hello there, thanks for providing great tips in your article. I think that you are touching on the important points of how to think about online business and also laying the reasoning of the historical events that lead the world to focus more and more on the internet, which is in a way the ability to be in touch and get everywhere without moving. So working from makes sense and wealthy affiliates make even more sense

    1. Thank you Eli for stopping by and for leaving a comment as I do feel that we have to look at reality and the world we are living in and accept the changes that we are surrounded with . Thank you and please do share my website content with your friends and family.

      Yours Truly

      Jill Whiting

  2. This was a very informative and uplifting post. I had not run across the statistics you mentioned in the beginning but I definitely agree that the workplace has changed and can be very unstable. I hear a lot about the “gig” economy and how many workers are opting for contract and short-term employment rather than traditional full time jobs. Again, this seem pretty unstable.

    I really liked your suggestion to set a schedule – that has definitely always been something I find useful when starting something new. What would you say the best feature of Wealthy Affiliate has been for you?

    Thanks again for a great post!

    1. Thank you Leslie for coming to my site and I am happy that you enjoyed the post and the suggestion of set a schedule and it does help to get things done. The Best feature of Wealthy AFfiliate for me has been being able to ask questions and get an anwer from more than one person in out membership community. Too often in the work place it has become extemely hard to get answers to get your work done and move forward. Here at Wealthy Affilaite members are more than happy to give answer and you may get different answers to the same question but there is more than one way to do something so we learn by sharing. 

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