Building Skills

You are looking to start an online business and are unfamiliar with the first step to take.  You do not need to look any further as you have come to the right place to take action to gain the knowledge and step by step ingredients to get your online venture starting with a  solid  foundation.

To build a solid foundation for your online business you need to know and understand the following 

SEO training 

How to build a website 

Key word training 

Not afraid of hard work

How to build and email list

All of the above you will become a pro at and will no longer say I do not know because you will know and be very confident it what you know.  

At Affiliate Foundation I will you will introduce you to  a community that is willing and happy to help you with your entrepreneurship adventure.  It is impossible to do it by yourself as you will need to ask questions and you will be meeting a large group of people who are on the same page as you and others who are advanced and I found that it is nice to know how some people are on the same page as you and others that started before you have made progress. I am will to help you and if you have questions you can email me at

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Click below to get your FREE website put your domain in and start to take action, build your dream, you are not alone building your dream you have the help and support you need to get you up and running.Check the insiders’ review link below. 

With Siterbix you can build 2 FREE website



 Please share your thoughts on how you liked the training by clicking insiders-review-wealthy-affiliate it is important to hear you views 

Getting the helpful help required 

Starting your online business does not come without hard work, and this is not a get rich quick scheme.  Here at My Affiliate Foundation, I  want to help your get started and feel good about starting. You are part of an extraordinary community that helps each other achieve success as well as answering the question to help you through struggling stumbling blocks that come with learning something new.  

The link below will explain how to research a niche. If you wish to take action after you see this fantastic training click here to get rolling a fresh start is something to look forward to 

how to research a niche a niche

You Are Not Alone when you are starting your online business and that is a good feeling, all too often we take too much on ourselves and that can be overwhelming and lead to failure.  You have a wonderful group assisting you 24 hours a day and can be comfortable asking questions that will help you succeed as well as help others that are on the same page as you. I myself very much appreciate the people at Wealthy Affiliate and the help I have receive


I see that you have read this far and I am very happy you have. I have a special bonus for you, For a short time you may  start for $0 for the first 7 days and if you join within the first 7 days the first month is $19.00. This is a 59% discount, do not mis out ont this special o

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If you have any questions you can email look forward to hearing from you.

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