What is Holding You Back From Being Successful Online

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Do you wonder what is holding you back from starting an online business and being successful online? Are you wanting to make changes in your life and be living a different life than what you are living right now? Too many times it is the conversations that we heard growing and the negativeness that surrounded successful people that keeps us from moving forward. How successful people do not care about anything but themselves but if you really listen to those conversations the person who is speaking is downright jealous and envious of anybody moving forward and if that person was a parent or some kind of role model that you grew up with this conversation and other conversations similar to this can place a hold on you. I am asking you question so that you can get that load of baggage out of your mind and start to move forward because you are no different from anybody else who has been filled with a lot of junk about success and it is important to get rid of the nonsense thinking and clear your mind and have an open mind to NEW that have a closed mind from happenings of the past. Leaving in the here and the now is where you want to be.
Putting the past behind you

ScaredTo Move Forward


Are you afraid to move forward for fear of losing friendships for a long time? Real friends will not leave you they will support you no matter what changes you make in your life. If somebody will be angry at you for moving forward give them time to adjust of not seeing you as often and excepting that change that you are making as you will be giving up your free time to work on your business. If your decision to start a new life brings out jealousy and envy in people that you are presently surrounded by that you will have to decide if the friendship is worth keeping. With starting a new life you will be meeting new people that share the same goals and interest as you do and that is wonderful to be around. Do not waste your time on worrying about your future and do not get into a “What if” thinking as that is leading to a negative pathway. Approach your new adventure with a bright and positive light and it makes the obstacles and hurdles much easier to digest.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

When leaving your comfort zone you will be leaving your regular routine and creating a new routine to start the steps to creating your dream to work at home and spend more time doing the things that you like. A life that you have always wanted. Looking and feeling fear is something that comes with change when stepping out and leaving a routine that you have been doing for quite some time. You will feel challenged at first but that challenge is part of making a change and a good change. The challenge that you are feeling can lead you to the success that you have been missing as gaining knowledge and wisdom in finding your niche and your voice that you have not explored before. Learning more about your self and making improvements to your inner self can be emotional but do not let your emotions run you as you are improving your self and that is a fantastic thing to do and you will be learning more about who you really are. I have been overwhelmed with knowledge but that does happen with the learning curve. Not have to feel overwhelmed and stressed out as with Wealthy Affiliate I have found many mentors that help with answering questions immediately and this alone can put you back to a comfort zone that helps you to move forward. Your fear of not have the help and the training can be put behind because there is no shortage of help and training you have so much to work with, the list is endless. If you are having the fear of bad coaching or the experience of a bad teacher there is no such thing as that at wealthy affiliate we are all here to help each other succeed.
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Leaving The Bad Apples Behind


Freedom and Choices
If there is anything that keeps me motivated to keep me growing and learning and applying myself to my self-employment dream and to research new niches and start building other websites is being aware that I am working on getting away from the bad apples that come with any workplace. In other words, planning an escape route to leave a bad workplace is a great way to keep your self-motivated to moving forward. White Collar or Blue Collar it does not matter as 85% of the work place the people are good and then there is the miserable 15% that like to make our lives hell and suck the living life out of everybody around them. It is so nice to be working and moving forward as a result of the bad behavior in the workplace. The escape route is worth planning to leave the bad apples behind to put the escape route in action and have the nasty group of manipulators, gossips, liars out of the picture. Technology is getting more and more people stay home and work in the comfort of their own home. The key ingredient to stay at home and bring in a pay cheque is training to write your- self a pay cheque as this is your University for success. The WOW training you get at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and very well-thought-out.

Helpful Community To Belong To For Starting An Online Business

One of the most challenging things to put up with when starting a business is finding the help you need when you need it. At Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to so much help and many ways to go about getting the help. This is a caring community that helps others succeed as well as you can be part of giving the help to other members. There is no shortage of Qualified teachers that are willing to help you in answering any of your questions that you need clarity on. I will personally help you and if you have any questions you can email me at jill@myaffiliatefoundation.com





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